Michael Marshall

Michael Marshall lehrt an der Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Stilistische Erweiterung am Standort Wuppertal.

‘The Art of The Groove’ with Mike Marshall 

  • Rhythm, harmony and improvisation for all instruments. 

The class will focus on American traditional music, Brazilian Choro, and improvisation.

Mike will break down the various rhythmic elements of these styles and provide an opportunity to explore improvisation and rhythmic interplay in an informal atmosphere with plenty of room for experimentation and musical risk taking. 

Simple melody and chord charts will be provided for some musical styles while others will be learned by ear – The first step towards learning to improvise and to explore the harmonic/chordal vocabulary of your instrument.

Mike’s has been a three time Grammy Nominee, has recorded over 40 cd’s and has toured and recorded with Stephane Grappelli, Joshua Bell, Edgar Meyer, Chris Thile, Bela Fleck, David Grisman, Daniel Hope, Hamilton de Holanda & Caterina Lichtenberg. 

Mike has founded several important music educational seminars

The Mandolin Symposium (2003 – 20015), the Global Mandolin Retreats (2016), the Acoustic Music Seminar at the Savannah Music Festival, the Marshall Mandolin Summit and the Mike Marshall Online School of Mandolin. He brings to the Hochschule a wealth of knowledge of non-classical music traditions, improvisation and rhythmic interplay.